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With over 25 years of combined experience, Amp Signs has been providing the Indianapolis and surrounding areas with electrical signs. Having a sign that reflects your business is extremely important in this ever-competitive world. Our expertise makes us one of the most reliable sign companies around. We specialize in custom electrical signs for all types of industries in the Indianapolis area. When you are looking for a well designed, custom, durable sign, come to Amp Signs to achieve your goals.

Electrical Signs are those signs that use electricity in one way or another and will create a vibrant, visible sign seen from a distance. These are great for businesses that want to be visible, both day and night. Majority of Indianapolis businesses use them because they are easy to spot and read. This makes life easier for consumers to locate your business.

Creative Electrical Signs Indianapolis

When it comes to creative custom signs, Amp Signs has a team of specialists to implement an electrical sign that will draw in your customers. We have experienced graphic designers on staff who will design a sign that is outside of the box, while fulfilling all of your needs. We also have experienced technicians who are familiar with the ins and out of electricity to ensure your sign is installed safely and designed properly. Our skilled installers are trained and certified to install your sign effectively and efficiently.

Variety of Electrical Signs Indianapolis

At Amp Signs we have designed, fabricated and installed hundreds of signs over the years. Electrical signs are an excellent addition to any Indianapolis business. Signs in the past used to be simplistic, now there are so many options to choose from out there. With a variety of styles, shapes, colors and form that you can imagine, the process can see overwhelming. That is why we are the experts and we first learn about your needs and goals when choosing your electrical sign. Whether you are looking for a fluorescent, neon and or LED, we have an option for you.

Here is some of our most popular Electrical Signs Indianapolis

Message Center Signs. Electronic displays are a versatile way to advertise for your Indianapolis company. These signs allow you to convey a detailed message to your customers. These are eye-catching and informative, which attracts customers to your sign. These are popular at retail locations, banks, schools, restaurants, churches and much more.

Time and Temperature.  Time and temperature signs were some of the first electronic message center signs used. They are informative and can be beneficial in areas with large traffic. These can be used in office plazas, banks, apartment complexes, universities, etc.

Price Watch Gas Price Displays. These displays offer a bright fuel price display, which can be easily changed at any time and can be seen from a distance.

Monochrome Signs. This is a great affordable option for businesses and or organizations that need to offer changeable copy boards. Some businesses need to adhere to zoning and or other regulations. These electrical signs are a good go to, for these types of instances.

Neon Signs. One of the most popular electrical signs is neon signs. They have been around for over 90 years. These vibrant, bright, colorful signs are a great way to advertise, especially at night. They can be custom fabricated for any image style and lighting. These signs add character and can be found at many Indianapolis restaurants, bars and retail stores.

Channel Letters . Channel letter signs are visible by day and luminous at night. They provide depth and visibility from far away. Each letter is individually lit from the inside. They are made from metal or plastic typically and are commonly LED lit or neon. Channel letters can be either mounted directly to the building or a raceway, which is a pre-fabricated metal box that is the length of the sign itself.  Restaurants, office buildings, medical, dental, bars and much more, use channel letter signs.

Why Choose our Electrical Signs Company

  • With over 25 plus years of sign experience, we have the knowledge to provide you with long lasting, attention grabbing signs.
  • Durable, strong products and materials to withstand all types of Indianapolis weather
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Creative onsite designers
  • Wide variety of products

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Amp Signs is one of the most reliable signs company in the area. We produce high quality, durable custom electrical signs for our Indianapolis and surrounding cities. With our experience and knowledge, we are the right sign shop for all of your needs. From the initial meeting, design, fabrication and installation stages, we keep you in the loop and within budget. Contact us today for a free quote. We look forward to being your next Electrical Signs Indianapolis company.